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We can repair or fit new uPVC windows with a great range of frame, glass and finishing styles.


Why Choose Us

On your uPVC window, multi point mechanisms, levers, springs and ball bearings over time will wear and eventually malfunction or break.

We have found that many people in the past have had entire multi point locking mechanisms replaced unnecessarily when all that needed was to repair or replace certain sections of the multi point lock.

Our approach is to ensure we provide you with the most cost effective solution. The uPVC window mechanism will once again provide a smooth operation and ensure your security.

Layered Protection

If your window is not locking smoothly we advise a quick test that can be undertaken by yourself and only takes a few seconds. At the window that is not locking smoothly, open the window. Whilst open, lift the handle up (this should engage the multi point locking mechanism).

Window Alignment

It is important to correct alignment problems. SheffLOCK who will know exactly how to realign your door. Attempting to resolve the problem yourself without the required knowledge and experience can quickly make the situation a lot worse.

Out of warranty repairs

As double glazing manufacturers go out of business, they leave customers with no warranty on their uPVC windows. We are able to fix the majority of problems associated with windows from Safestyle or Yorkshire Windows.

Our Window Repair Process

The team at SheffLOCK deal with all aspects of UPVC issues on a daily basis providing our customers with quick, efficient and cost effective solutions to any problems they are experiencing.

Can you fix our UPVC Window?

Below you’ll find answers to common questions and issues that arise regarding UPVC Window Repairs, however if you don’t find the answers you are looking for please call our team of Barnsley locksmiths.

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5 Years of Experience

uPVC Window Repairs Barnsley

We are experienced locksmiths and have years of experience repairing uPVC windows for customers in Barnsley.

uPVC Windows

We can measure and fit new upvc window double glazed units to fix misted windows. For extra protection we recommend vulnerable areas are fitted with laminated glass panels.

uPVC Window Fitting

uPVC Window Repairs

Composite Doors

When damage to your door is severe, we can measure your door and frame for a replacement composite door and new frame. Fully guaranteed with quality anti snap locks fitted as standard.

Our Experience

Here we can show you a few examples of the hundreds of uPVC windows we have repaired over the past 5 years.

uPVC Window Repairs Barnsley

Hinge Repairs

uPVC Window Repairs Barnsley
Sash Jammers Fitted
uPVC Window Repairs Barnsley
Original Misted Window
uPVC Window Repairs Barnsley
Replacement double glazed unit
uPVC Window Repairs Barnsley
Replacement double glazed unit
uPVC Window Repairs Barnsley
Security Glass Fitting
uPVC Window Repairs Barnsley
Window Repairs
uPVC Window Repairs Barnsley
Laminated Glass

Meet The Team

SheffLOCK is a family locksmith business in Sheffield, South Yorkshire. Together they have over 40 years of police, security and burglary prevention experience.


Kevin Hanson



Richard Hanson



Chris Hanson


David Taylor
Happy Customer

Chris came today explaining the workings of the handles and anti snap locks. He was very efficient and knowledgeable of his trade and fitted four handles and locks within an hour.

Graham Scurfield
Ultion Key Covers

Great Price, Speedy Delivery, just what was expected

Jonathon Streets
Atempted break-in

After an attempted break-in via snapping my euro cylinder lock, ShefLOCK turned up within two hours (I'm based in east Doncaster) and fitted Ultion Locks and secured by design handles. Very thorough with their explanations and careful with installation including cleaning up after themselves.

Recent Articles

We have gained a vast amount of window maintenance knowledge with over six years. There is so much to talk about so we have put our experience in bite size, easy to read pages.


Double Glazed Units

When you search for double glazing repairs near me you are looking for replacement double glazed units that meet your budget as you need to know the cost of replacing misted double glazing units where you have found condensation inside double glazed windows.

The best way of replacing misted double glazed units is to find a stockist of replacement double glazing glass so you can do a search for replacement double glazing units near me. Once you have the replacement double glazed units prices it will give you an indication of the misted window repair cost.

If the replacement glass for upvc windows cost is too expensive for your budget, you may want to find out how to replace double glazing units yourself and get double glazed window units supply only. This is not something we can help you with as we do not recommend anyone replacing double glazed units without experience. You will not be covered for any damages and injuries caused by cuts from glass could be life threatening.

approved locks

Misted Glass

The question often arises, how much to replace misted double glazing?

These all fall under blown double glazing, misted double glazing, steamed up double glazing and cloudy double glazing repairs. Double glazing glass cost is less than you would think when you are quoted in thousands for new windows. Blown window repair costs can start from as little as £50 for a small window up to £300 for a large window usually found on the front of houses.

Misted Glass
lock snapping burglary

Replacement Glass

If you want to find out how to repair double glazing you could look for a double glazing condensation repair kit as soon as you see the signs of double glazing failure or condensation in double glazing. It is not easy to remove condensation from double glazed windows or resealing double glazed windows with the best method being double glazing glass replacement.

Replacement Glass
change locks when moving

Sash Jammer

A fantastic cost effective security product often overlooked by homeowners are sash jammers for UPVC and wooden windows. A sash jammer is a proven piece of window security equipment that will stop your window from being levered open.

Sash Jammer

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You are free to call us on Barnsley 01226 885045. We operate as an emergency locksmith service so we will answer as soon as we can. To make an appointment to fit new double glazing replacement panels please call between 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.


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